Soluzione Controversie

The YouAgile?s Dispute Management is a feature of the Escrow System.

In the event of disputes between the parties involved in the deal, YouAgile?s Legal Affairs Department is a neutral third party to resolve the debates. The Escrow System ensures a smooth and reliable workflow and transactions. With our protection, money is only paid for work you authorize.

The Escrow System will start working as soon as the buyer accepts a bid. The process will work step by step like below.

What’s important to know when using YouAgile:

YouAgile does not oblige its users to conclude the deal within the platform using the Escrow System. This means that users can do freely the ?b2b match? and contact the ?business partner? in YouAgile. Subsequently agree with each other, outside of YouAgile?s platform, the methods of conducting the business. From the management of tasks e milestones to payment methods.

The conclusion of business outside of YouAgile (not using the Escrow System):

  • does not entitle users of the Dispute Management Service in the event of disputes between the parties involved in the deal
  • it is not possible to use the review system to increase user reputation
  • the personal dashboard will not be updated with data or reporting on concluded deals


More details:

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Escrow System