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  • Lucca Bastos

    DevOps Engineer | Cloud Computing

    1 year experience 0 deals done 120.00/hr Qualified Member
    I am a highly experienced DevOps engineer with expertise in designing and implementing scalable and highly available solutions on Amazon Web Services. I possess advanced skills in CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, and DevSecOps, as well as extensive knowledge of critical services such as ECS, EC2, RDS, S3, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk, CloudFormation, among others. I have experience handling large volumes of data and distributed applications, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security for my clients.
  • Simon Le Pine


    10 years experience 0 deals done 40.00/hr Qualified Member
    My experience at Optimum Insurance, Cansure Insurance, multiple data contracts, and volunteering on Open Data has taught me that most companies have data in many disparate places and need to pull it together. I decided to start Lakebed.io to provide a quick & easy data lake solution where non-tech users can drag & drop data (Excel, CSV, JSON) files into the data lake. Users can also easily setup external APIs as data sources or stream data into the lake by…
  • DyFlowing srl


    6 years experience 0 deals done 600.00/hr Qualified Member
    DyFlowing is an innovative startup that deals with the design and delivery of consultancy services aimed at improving business processes through ERP software, with a focus on Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions oriented to new technologies and the enhancement of human resources.
  • InnovaHelix

    HealthCare Company

    5 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    We are a young, small, and very dynamic company that deals with extracting secretion from Italian free-range snails to create natural and safe dietary supplements and products for healthcare. Our products result from rigorous scientific research with empirical findings published in international peer-reviewed scientific journals. Since 2017, we at Snail srls have been committed daily to enhancing the culture and tradition of our Sicilian land.  We are passionate innovators who dedicated attention to health and natural beauty, creating natural products…
  • Coime Srls

    Real Estate Development

    20 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    Costruzioni e Ristrutturazioni Edili Impresa di Costruzioni Edili specializzata in Costruzioni civili e industriali – Ristrutturazioni totali e parziali di immobili – Manutenzioni generali e particolari su singoli immobili e complessi immobiliari residenziali, commerciali e industriali – Sviluppo di nuove operazioni immobiliari – Investimenti Immobiliari COIME Srls è composta da una squadra di Professionisti e Maestranze con una esperienza pluriennale e consolidata nel settore edilizio e nel mercato Real Estate in cui opera. Il nostro Team è rivolto alla continua ricerca dell’eccellenza delle prestazioni, all’alta…
  • HQVillage

    Innovative startup and benefit corporation

    2 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    We enhance the value of small Italian villages and protect their authenticity, promoting them as poles of sharing, innovation and tradition, through a network of private property owners and a wide range of services. We anticipate the future of corporate headquarters: sustainable, resilient and adapted to the new needs of smart workers and digital nomads..
  • Amulet | Digital Studio

    Creative Director

    5 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    We help brands and companies tackle their objectives understanding their problems and opportunities, executing and positioning their digital products and services perfectly.
  • Effugium Investments

    International Investments

    30 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    Effugium Investments is made up of a group of Entrepreneurs and Consulting Firms whose companies – individually and in groups – have been operating permanently in Brazil, Europe and Oceania since 1992. To meet the growing need for opportunities, stable investments and safe-haven assets of the last two years, from 2020 they have created Effugium Investments Networking, a highly qualified business environment with consolidated experience in international markets. The goal is to support our customers, individuals and companies, to make…
  • Dominik Fashion

    Distribucion de articulos de moda

    2 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    Somos una empresa joven que distribuye articulos de moda para mujeres.Tenemos intereses en desarrollar colaboraciones a nivel nacional y tambien internacional
  • YouAgile | International Hub

    Business Opportunities HUB

    30 years experience 0 deals done Qualified Member
    International Hub [IHb] is an aggregator of proposed international projects and business opportunities by Public and private Entities.  IHb shares with YouAgile Users more than twenty-year collaboration with the public and private managers of Calls for tenders and private tenders of our Stakeholders and Founders.   International Hub identifies, selects, and makes available to YouAgile Users the best opportunities for participation in international Demand for specialized work for Companies and Consulting Firms. It also collects and makes available international Demand…