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Bruno Capozzi Chartered Accountant
36 years experience #!trpst#trp-gettext data-trpgettextoriginal=664#!trpen#0 negócio feito#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# Italy
#!trpst#trp-gettext data-trpgettextoriginal=1185#!trpen#200.00€ /hr #!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen# Qualified Member
Corporate ConsultancyFinancial Advisory Consultant

Management consulting,Administrative, financial and tax consultancy, 

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  • Management consultant and Chartered Accountant

    Capozzi Bruno

    janeiro 2011 - #!trpst#trp-gettext data-trpgettextoriginal=941#!trpen#Now#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen#

    Chartered Accountant
    • Strategic planning
    • Management and Organization
    • Ethics and cogency
    • Projects of structure/organization
    • Knowledge management
    • Risk management
    • Corporate Governance –Organization model Legislative Decree 231/2001
    • Business plan;
    • Budgetting and Management Control
    • Training
    • Administration and accounting;
    • Treasury management and financial planning;
    • Civil, fiscal and declarative obligations;
    • Digital archiving of documents in accordance with the law

  • Member of Supervisory Board Legislative Decree 231/2001

    iSolutions srl – Noceto (Pr), Italy

    novembro 2013 - junho 2019

    Supervision of the system of governance of the company in order to avoid criminal behavior resulting in administrative liability pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001

  • CEO

    Aretè srl – Pisa, Italy

    julho 2012 - dezembro 2013

    Management oversight and report to the owner: particular attention to financial area and to organization. Recruiting new shareholders with success: from December 2012 the majority shareholding belong to a Group of the same sector.
    Costs analysis to cut waste and inefficiency, supervision work manager of hotel

  • President of the Board of Director

    U-Company S.p.A.. – Livorno, Italy

    setembro 2005 - dezembro 2008

    Definition of start up and strategic approach. Revival of Vobis brand and of the proximity shop through a new franchising format

  • General Manager

    Master S.p.A - Livorno, Italy

    janeiro 2001 - dezembro 2010

    a) management of elements to guarantee and protect to and between shareholders ;
    b) assurance of compliance with law;
    c) identification and design of a governance system with powers of attorney also in compliance with Dlgs 231/2011;
    d) management of consultants;
    e) update and setup of Quality Policy;
    f) adjustment of business processes
    g) coordination and guidance of business department, with particular focus on financial and commercial departments;
    h) management oversight of contracts;
    i) identification and verification of performance indicators for every department;
    j) management of human resources, relationship with Unions and Confindustria
    Development activities and responsibilies:
    a) definition on three-year business plan;
    b) definition of annual budget;
    c) negotiation and definition of distribution agreements for new brands and products;
    d) direct management of the main customer (Telecom Italia);
    e) direct management of the main Italian suppliers (Nokia, LG, Acer , TIM);
    f) experience in the management of the main Far East suppliers;
    h) oversight and guidance of the main agreements and commercial operations in large-distribution channel;
    i) partnership agreement negotiation
    Increase turnover from 90 to 175 million euro starting from 2001 to 2007

  • CFO

    Verophone Italia srl – Livorno, Italy

    dezembro 1988 - dezembro 2000

    management of administrative issues and annual financial statement
    assurance of compliance with law
    support to Management for corporate issues
    editing quarterly actual financial statement
    Annual budget and forecast.

  • Junior Auditor

    KMG Fides – Milan, Italy

    dezembro 1985 - dezembro 1987

    Checking the existence and the real amount of the balance sheet values; assistance on physical inventories.

  • Senior Auditor

    KPMG – Firenze, Italy

    janeiro 1988 - novembro 1988

    Management of auditing on the premises of the customer, direct report to the senior manager

#!trpst#trp-gettext data-trpgettextoriginal=946#!trpen#Educação e Formação Profissional#!trpst#/trp-gettext#!trpen#

  • Certificate

    College “Scuola Superiore S. Anna” – Pisa, Italy

    novembro 1981 - dezembro 1985

  • Authorization to practice Chartered Accountant

    University of Ancona – Faculty of Business and Economics

    novembro 1988 - novembro 1988

  • Degree in Economics

    University of Pisa - Faculty of Business and Economics

    novembro 1981 - dezembro 1985

  • MCA Certification (Management Consultant Acknowledged) N. 0031MCA Acknowledgement of professional qualification for managerial, strategic, organizational and relational skills

    CertiPro – Milan, Italy

    novembro 2010 - novembro 2010