Quem Somos

Quem Somos

We are a Pool of Senior Partners, multidisciplinary Team, Ordinary Members, Collaborators and Colleagues belonging Cartesio Consulting UK Ltd and its Professional and Qualified Network.

We are visionaries, and on occasion also investors, we are always concretely aimed at achieving the result of our Clients. Our Team started in 1992 and is always on the way in the search for technological process innovation. Our adaptive Consultancy Model, attentive to the changes and needs of our Clients and Stakeholders, has allowed us to reach today while continuing to strive to make a difference.

The Cartesio Consulting historical goal is to support Clients, Public and Private Companies and achieve excellence.

YouAgile was born here, in a multidisciplinary consulting and entrepreneurs experience – Gianluca [ view LinkedIn Profile ] Master Mind –  to contribute to build the future of the  economic ecosystem and business market.

We are authors of intervention methodologies [IRIP® e eBEP®], designing an innovative way of serving Companies  through qualified and internationally Managerial support in outsourcing: now YouAgile is a business marketplace to increase the turnover of qualified market operators.